A Setback

Yesterday I had ECT a few days earlier than the planned two weeks’ spread. I was a work-in appointment, so of course I went last and didn’t have breakfast until 3:45pm. Oh well??

I was experiencing fear and paranoia about the dark, about people jumping out at me, and even about my cat attacking me. I didn’t feel like I was managing very well. And I started having more suicidal thoughts too. Ugh. The doctors and I wondered how much was the psychotropic med I had injected on Friday. My mom remembers my having a problem after the shot last month. Hmmm…

Today, after yesterday’s ECT, I feel like I’m coping and managing better, though these fears are still present, just not so dominant. I’m feeling more myself again.

Gotta love bipolar, huh?

5 responses to “A Setback

  1. You poor, Dear. I’m happy to hear you’re managing better today. Take care and rest today.

  2. I’ve had ECT many times and I find it does work. Hope it works for you too. Get better soon

  3. Hi Deborah,

    Thanks for sharing your story. I thought you would be interested in a new book by my colleague Julia Sherman. It’s called Beating Depression and Bipolar Disorder Without Drugs: A Memoir of Survival in a Male-Dominated World.

    Would you be interested in taking a look and writing a review?

    The book is on Amazon at https://tinyurl.com/BeatingDepression but I can arrange for a book to be sent to you for free. We have an announcement up at https://www.pr.com/press-release/785135

    Let me know where to send the book.

    Best regards,
    Larry Bodine
    Persephone Publications

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