Stress Kabob

I’m juggling stress again. It’s like meat skewers or kabobs that I’m juggling. And the juggling is actual items tossed in the air, as well as just plain managing the stress that is tying up the ability I have to manage at all. Stress kabobs!

I went to the Office of Disability Services at the community college to get signed up for extra time on tests and help with notes and absence leniency as needed for hospitalizations or bad days. So talking with that staff member about what accommodations I could get was making school more real to me as well as programming new tasks to do to ask for the accommodations at the beginning of each semester.

I tried to look up classes for the spring to take, and I couldn’t find a way to register. Stress! I tried to log in to my online profile and school email and make some edits. I tried to learn how to use the online system for taking an online class. Which kinda makes sense but I’m sure I won’t remember all the details. Stress!

I’m wondering how many little things I need to remember and how to do things to just take one class at a time. Plus the cognitive challenges from ECT and from bipolar that will make those things hard. Stress! So I’m struggling with (1) changes coming up and (2-3) school adaptations in general and for disability and (4) maybe learning some new things. I’m stressed out by all this and it’s making my anxiety worse and mood stability harder. Juggling is one way to deal with it so it’s a little less overwhelming. Help!

One response to “Stress Kabob

  1. Hello Deborah! I came across your blog while researching some Bipolar Disorder forums. My name is Rachael and I am starting up a new podcast where I talk about the truth behind mental illness, and I am kicking off my first episode on Bipolar Disorder. Part of what I want to do is simply educate people on what BPD really is, but in a tangible way where they walk away with a much better understanding of it. The other way I hope to spread awareness is through real life interviews. I love what you have written about in your blog, and I would love to interview you for my podcast if you are interested. I also have a wordpress blog/website so feel free to take a look around and reach out to me if you are interested. It’s

    Thanks so much for what you are already doing to help spread awareness and I hope to hear from you soon!

    Rachael Timberman, A5YLUM Podcast.

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