My mood is off today. I’m a bit depressed and showing physical symptoms of anxiety, such as grinding my jaw and tapping my feet. I’m thinking more about suicide but no intent, thank goodness. I was even annoyed while getting my hair done today.

I haven’t been feeling that great, though I thought I had a couple stable days. Then today happened, and it was Friday all over again with a lower mood. I even thought of calling my therapist, but what would I say? I’m feeling a little depressed as well as anxious and irritable; help me? What would he be able to tell me?

I guess I could have used a friend to talk to. Which I don’t have here. I have people from church that have said I could call them, yet I don’t feel ready to do that, maybe because I’m hesitant to reach out whenever this happens. I could have called friends from Chicago too, but again I resist reaching out. That probably warrants its own blog post…

I’m not sure what would help me feel better.

2 responses to “Unsettled

  1. Hang in there…hopefully your mood will change and you WILL feel better soon

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