Reflections #5

Another day of trying to blog to see what I’m thinking through severe racing thoughts. It’s hard to write when I don’t have much gnawing at me to write about.

I became dizzy again on the new treadmill. I usually haven’t been able to use treadmills because I get dizzy on them. The one my family had until recently was the first one where I didn’t get dizzy. It was a minor miracle! It broke though, and my brother decided to replace it. Now I’m having trouble with dizziness on it. Grrr. There is my recumbent exercise bike I can use. I like to vary my workouts though, and having the option of the treadmill was good. I hope some modifications to what I do or how long will help me keep using it.

Much alone time today. It was kinda nice, but not something to do everyday. I need interaction with people. I did get to watch some old favorites on tv that I haven’t seen in a while.

I got my files put away in the new file bins. The only ones that didn’t fit were all the medical receipts I have to keep for tax purposes. They are in a box in the closet now. A good place for them, if not taken back to storage. Again, I feel more at home having my things in the room and accessible.

My tongue is still pushing forward on my teeth, not all the time, but I catch myself doing it and then correct it. Technically I should call my psychiatrist about it as it could be a serious side effect to medication. I really don’t want to have her take me off the new antidepressant though. I think it’s the new anti-convulsant that is used as a mood stabilizer.

My mood was stable again today. An introvert day can be helpful for me. I need an extrovert day or two now… I’m a bit of both. I get my energy from being around people, and I need significant alone time to recharge.

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