New Year’s Thoughts

I made it through my riskiest time of year. I did get the Christmas delusion and grandiosity a day or so early and lasted for a few days. In fact I still have the fear of the mystical and mysterious that comes with the manic experience.

See, I grew up very religious. From the time I was 9 or 10 I had the experience that I was participating in the birth of Christ in some way on Christmas Eve. It manifested as a sense of the mysterious, mystical, numinous, though I couldn’t use those terms or images until I was a young adult. By the time I was in seminary preparing to be a pastor, the feeling was strong and the experience included the sense that I helped bring/was bringing Jesus into the world and I had a special mission to bring hope or joy or love or unity into the world through Jesus.

I know, a little over the top. I even thought most people had a sense of the mystical on Christmas Eve. It wasn’t until weeks of therapy around this time of year over several years that I knew in my heart and mind that it was a manic experience and that most people don’t have a mystical experience at Christmas Eve, and I couldn’t bring it out with my worship services.

Now that I’m aware of all this, I get anxious as I anticipate this manic experience. I try not to anticipate but I do. I avoid my church during the weeks leading up to Christmas (Advent) because the focus is waiting for The Christ Child to come again and our participation in the peace, joy, and love in the world. Even though I didn’t grow up with this liturgical rhythm, you can see how it would be Not Helpful. Not only do I lose my church support system, I am faced in my mind with what I’m missing. So it’s hard not to anticipate the delusion and grandiosity.

Today is New Year’s Eve, and I am still scared of the mysterious and mystical. I’m glad the weather is bad enough I can’t travel to a New Year’s worship service. There might be too much of “opening the mystery of a new year” or that’s where my thoughts might go. Not Helpful. I’m still scared.

In the new year, I’m hoping for mental stability and the ability to ask for and act on help when I need it. I hope I don’t need the hospital. I’m also hoping to find that special someone.

8 responses to “New Year’s Thoughts

  1. bravingmentalillness

    Great post. Starting with stability is always a good start 🙂 I like to take it a day at a time too!

  2. hello, I’ve just come across your blog and i’m very interested in your writing on mania and religiosity. For me one of the most challenging aspects of my mania in the past has been to be granted religious / spiritual visions, that fade when i’m stable again, but leave me wondering who I really am and where my religious conviction truly lies. It sounds to me like you’ve had to find a strict compromise to enable you to negotiate these turns successfully and i truly wish you well with finding stability and peace in your religious practise. I’ll be reading through your blog and looking forward to more posts. Thanks!

    • Hi! My manias are religious in nature and I’ve managed a few with things like not going to church. But my faith fundamentally changed through this process and that wasn’t easy since I was a pastor. I’m happy to talk more about it, but there is a lot on the blog under spirituality.

  3. Hi, Thanks. I’ve been reading more of your posts on spirituality and it’s clear you’ve been through a huge journey. Thank you for sharing.

  4. I have had similar delusional manic episodes revolving around religion. Often around Christmas, though, I experience a lot of depression.

    I think you have some nice goals for 2018.

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