Summer Mania – No Surprise

Well, I had an interesting week last week doing high-confidence, high-risk behaviors that were outside my usual way of being in the world. I had lessened need for sleep, which is very much different from my 8-9 hours a night that I usually need. When I saw my psychiatrist, she confirmed I had a short bout with mania. Yay.

I’m more likely to have a manic episode in July or August. No particular reason why, unless I’m getting too much sun. I hate the sun normally. It’s too hot, it burns my skin if I even think about it, and I succumb to heat stroke quickly. However, the increased light of this time of year could lead to mania. Which it did.

This week I’m a little depressed, but a new relationship is keeping my spirits higher than I otherwise might have been.

I’m a bit worried about September. It’s another equinox and change in weather and light patterns. I’m susceptible to suicidal depression when seasons change – any of them. I’m so lucky that way. I AM trying not to borrow trouble and just let each day unfold as it will.

4 responses to “Summer Mania – No Surprise

  1. Hi there!

    I am happy to have found your blog, having struggled with these kind of issues the majority of my life I just started my own blog in an attempt to be a part of a community of people who could understand. I’m in the opposite place from you, my relationship just ended. But normally I could relate – summer is always worst for me as well. Sometimes I wonder if it’s the weather? It makes everybody so happy and makes it harder for me to blend in and my unhappiness that much obvious. I truly hope this continue to be an amazing summer for you.

    Kind regards,

  2. I totally understand. Summer makes me a little high occasionally but fall almost always a constant low for a few weeks.
    I just mentioned that to my husband and he said ‘okay, so since you know that, what can you put in place to offset it?’
    Great reminder.
    So here it is:
    1. don’t make any commitments I can’t follow through on (having to cancel stuff makes me even more depressed!)
    2. do all that stuff that gives me a positive feeling, walking, writing, drawing, sewing
    3. expect the low feeling, don’t rebel against it, accept it and go with it and ride out the wave, in other words don’t waste my time getting depressed about being depressed!

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