I Need Your Help

30 Day Plan

30 Day Plan

I was just discharged from an 11-day stay at my local psychiatric facility. My 29th hospitalization in a little more than 5 years. Kind of a lot. Up until 4pm yesterday, the plan was for me to do another 30 day residential program at a place in Chicago. The timing was even good so that by the time I started, it would take me through Christmas when I tend to get delusional, if you remember. Last year I was delusional the whole month. Fun, fun!

Anyway… at 4pm on a Friday, we heard that a Vice President where I would do residential had ruled that they would not send the “Opt Out of Medicare” letter to my secondary insurance so that the secondary insurance would pay at the in-network prices that they were contracted to abide by. No. Supposedly they had tried that before and not been paid. Therefore, I would have to be a self-pay client and possibly get a loan for a considerable amount of money. I’m guessing $25,000 is a conservative number.

clockSo, with some coaching from the staff at the hospital where I was staying, and the wisdom of family and friends, I have devised a detailed, hour-by-hour,  month-long home version of a residential experience. All the skill-building and expressive therapy (workbooks, books, art and music supplies), minus staff and supportive environment. I will still see my therapist and psychiatrist weekly, so there is some staff oversight.

Here is the part where You, dear reader, come in. I need a supportive environment -people- who are willing to check on my progress using a google calendar, or do a google hangout/skype/facetime check-in and talk about anything, or go out to coffee, lunch, dinner or whatever with me (local peeps, natch). My goal is to have at least one social interaction a day for the 30 days I plan to do this.

If you can help, would you contact me via Facebook Private Message, Twitter Direct Message, Text or Email with what you might be willing to do and your email address? You can share the information in the comment section below, but then everyone will see your info – maybe not what you want to do.

I will make a group email to let you know how things are shaping up. You will need a gmail account to see the calendar or do a google hangout. You need an iPhone to do FaceTime. And it’s easy to sign up for Skype and then we friend each other.

Thank you for taking this journey with me! Let’s cross our fingers that this plan helps me feel less hopeless and worthless. And maybe I can stay out of the hospital for more than 6 months. Maybe years. It would be great not to feel suicidal for years, since I have the thoughts and visions every day. Le sigh.

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