Residential, Part Three – Making Progress

Work continues each day in group and individual therapy, rebuilding a life that had disintegrated to a point that I spent A QUARTER of 2014 in a psych unit. Yeah, that’s a lot. First there was the medwash and 58 days last winter, then the rapid cycling of the last half of the year. And the month-long delusion in December.

One of the major movements I’ve made is that I’ve taken suicide off the table. It is no longer a trump card. No matter how obsessive the thoughts have gotten while I’m here, I’m not tempted by implements and I use a mantra every time I have visions. My hope is that this decision is as permanent as I hope it is. I hope insurance gives me my last 2 weeks to solidify this decision and increase health so that I won’t be in the psych unit anymore.

5 responses to “Residential, Part Three – Making Progress

  1. What is your mantra? I am about to start DBT therapy, which I have heard can help take suicide off of the table too. I am not sure how I feel about that yet. I am glad you are taking care of yourself. I always like reading your updates here on your blog.

  2. Sorry. I didn’t mean to be nosey.

  3. No, that’s the mantra. Sorry I wasn’t clear.

  4. LOL. That was kinda funny. Who’s on first?

    I am rejoicing in reading this. I love you.

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