Rough Day

I’m not doing well today. This morning I was not looking forward to work, but put myself through the motions. Best to get back into the routine, yes?

No. I Had a hard time thinking and concentrating today. Focus and memory were in and out. And I was disappointed that no one asked how I was. They know I was gone for 12 days, but nary a well-wish. I felt very lonely.

After work I ran errands to kill some time and stay active. And promptly began feeling more and more anxious and tearful. I reached out to understanding friends. I called my therapist. Still I feel alone and miserable. Thank goodness I’m not suicidal (yet?), but my antenna are up!

I just feel crappy inside and lonely and not adjusted to life outside. I want to feel better instead of accept that I feel bad and go on with life anyway (the Acceptance and Commitment Therapy way).

I hate feeling so terrible, miserable. I don’t have to like it to accept it.

2 responses to “Rough Day

  1. sorry it was a rough first day back to the office. I always struggle when I’m first out of the hospital. hope your days are getting better

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