Say Yes to the Dress

This show is one of my guilty pleasures. I like the fashion and bridal gowns are really pretty. The wedding stories have always been superfluous to me.

A few months ago, Significant Other said, “I don’t know why you watch this. It would have made more sense 16 years ago.” I politely explained, tongue-in-cheek,  that the show wasn’t on back then and I watch for the fashion. Eyeroll, Sig Oth said.

Now when I watch the show, however, I’m finding the stories painful and the fashion less important.  Guess that’s to be expected, all things considered. Today I realized that the gowns signified to me a hope for my relationship – moving forward from the joy of a beautiful wedding day. Even when I knew that hope was far-fetched (a long time ago?) I still hoped and hoped and tried and tried.

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