Two More Items Free!

1. A Jesse Tree: PictureJesse Tree

Each day in Advent there is a devotional and you put one item on it. It’s all Old Testament items that help tell the faith story from Adam through the manger. The items I had were specifically designed for use with children. I used it for myself a lot. Great instead of an advent calendar – no chocolate to feel guilty about.



He Xi2. A mounted set of the pictures from Chinese artist He Qi who did the Presbyterian Planning Calendar for 2004-5.
See more of his style at this site and if you scroll down you can see a copy of the 12 items in the set I have:


4 responses to “Two More Items Free!

  1. Oh, I just loved He Qi’s style–I remember thinking of cutting apart that calendar to frame a few favorite pictures. Our church-basement fellowship space is blandly devoid of artwork, and I would love for us to give any of those a home. We (McKinley Pres) are just down the road in Champaign, so I could probably arrange to have someone collect them if we were the recipients of any or all. And as I’m greedily speaking up, let me apologize for not first expressing my sympathies on your flooding. We had a half inch or so ourselves this week, but nothing like your coverage. I hope you can find some silver lining in being forced to live more lightly in this way.

    • I thought the same when I had the calendar and was excited to get these prints as a set when they came out that way. And then a friend mounted them for just cost of materials!
      All of them are yours if you’d like them. I can mail to McKinley Pres?

  2. If you don’t mind, why don’t you mail to my home; we share our facility with a student foundation, and sometimes right and left hands end up in confusion. This way I would know what the pictures are and why they were sent. If you’re okay with that, I can send you an address if you send me an email address for you. Thank you for your generosity!

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