Why These Photos of Decay Give Me Hope

A link from a friend gave me hope today.


Abandoned Irish House

Abandoned Irish House

Nature had its way with these 30 abandoned, decaying places. I have hope that the places in my life that I have abandoned will eventually turn into such beauty as these places. My goodness, how beautiful these places are (many thanks to the photographers who captured the beauty so well)!

I have more courage now, too, to let more things in my life go so that nature can have its way and turn my leftovers into beauty. It’s ok to just.let.them.go. And one day, when I look back, they will have decayed into something a photographer could capture and I would find beautiful. *tears up*

Have hope and courage, my friends.

2 responses to “Why These Photos of Decay Give Me Hope

  1. Deborah–I have followed your blog for some time to help me understand and more compassionately respond to my teen son’s depression. You’ve transformed these photos into a very meaningful metaphor, one that I hope to hold on to. Thank you for all that you share here. May you hold tight to your courage and hope. –Molly

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