Ways You Can Help Me

One of my goals for remaining stable is communicating even better with those who are around me and care about me. I now authorize All of You to call me out if you see any of these behaviors! It may mean I’m tipping toward a pole and need extra treatment: therapy, meds, schedule changes, diet.

I’m not kidding! Totally tell me if you see these in me!

cautiondance Mania

  • Speaking too quickly
  • Pressured speech
  • Flight of ideas (many ideas at the same time)
  • Not describing ideas thoroughly
  • Trying to force a decision before it has been thought through
  • More than racing thoughts, but getting caught up in the race and obsessing about an idea or situation
  • Changes in schedule – up too late or sleeping in, or changing a pre-planned schedule



  • Speaking about suicide, dangerous or bad thoughts or self-harm
  • Isolating from local face-to-face friends
  • Not sharing what is really going on with me (i.e., just saying I’m doing ok or fine)
  • Skipping appointments with my therapist or psychiatrist
  • Changes in schedule – up too late or sleeping in, or changing a pre-planned schedule
  • Anxiety or feelings of being overwhelmed

4 responses to “Ways You Can Help Me

  1. Meredith Gould

    Very helpful to see what’s on your list…and that you have a list! After a few rounds of “I didn’t want to offend you or violate boundaries,” I finally told a dear friend who I saw almost every day to call out changes in behaviors and attitudes. Turns out she could tell when I was screwing around with my meds or sleep or whatever.

    I tell the people in my life today that they have my invitation and permission to flag stuff. The H.A.L.T acronym from 12 Step recovery has been very helpful. I tell people that if I seem angry they should ask me if I’ve eaten. If I seem lonely they should suggest I get some sleep.


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