First Day of Work

I went FBO on Facebook last night. (That’s FaceBook Official for n00bs, a term usually used for relationship statuses.) I am  now working part time as Marketing Manager at The LeaderShop, where I’ve been volunteering the last 4 months. I was in the right place at the right time to hear of the job. I talked with my therapist and psychiatrist about taking on a new job, part-time though it is. It will be a challenge to have another task and more responsibility to take on. It will be a challenge to appear ‘normal’ during work hours.

I worked 4 hours today, earning my first $60 at a job, instead of earning money by getting well enough to hold a job. It’s a bit of a different feeling. But I’m oh, so glad, there is a net to fall back into in case I’m not able to do this. Today’s 4 hours was orientation, with another 4 hours tomorrow. We already have pressing deadlines and events in the next 2 weeks. I really hope I don’t crash under the pressure of the steep learning curve and of the job requirements. Marketing Manager is a newly-created position, and so there are few expectations but also really high hopes.

In order to give this job “the college try,” I’m reducing other activities, such as exercise, cooking and social commitments. If this is going to work, I can slowly add those back in, but I’ve got to start slowly.

One response to “First Day of Work

  1. The LeaderShop looks like a great place to work. Do hope the stress isn’t too much. May your coping strategies help you through a hard time. Wishing you the best!

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