A Day of Celebration

I need something happy to post about.

So, yesterday, in my funk and ennui, I decided that today I would do some house cleaning today. Because of my fused back (rod in it and fused from T3-L4), I have severe chronic pain throughout my back and hips. And so ALL housework causes pain – cooking, dishes, laundry, sweeping – even dusting. Standing, bending, leaning – all nicht gut.

So, it’s a big deal for me to do ANY housework. We live with a relative amount of dirt that doesn’t really bug us anymore. But it was starting to bug me. So, I made the decision to be active today and get a workout in as I did some housework. The challenge for me was not to jump in whole hog and expect to do the whole thing in a couple hours, which would lead to great and debilitating pain (could be in bed for days). Instead, I could do one task, then rest. Then get up and do the next thing. An experiment in pacing myself.

AND… I did it! I got through quite a bit of housework, rested as I went so it took several hours. But I did it! I feel good that I accomplished it and that I was able to stick to something mentally. Probably the breaks helped my mind too.

For the day at least, I’ll celebrate.

8 responses to “A Day of Celebration

  1. That is absolutely something to celebrate!! Pacing yourself is SO important!!

  2. Fantastic

  3. Elizabeth Nordquist

    Well done! Brava! Sufficient unto the day is the Grace thereof! Rest in the Grace!

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