Still Struggling Tonight

I’ve been wanting to crawl up in the fetal position or alternately, tear my skin off. Just a terrible afternoon and evening so far.

Got word from my psychiatrist that I can take additional anxiety meds. That helped a little this afternoon.

When it came time to make dinner, back to the fetal position. But I finally was able to get up and get some brownies in the oven, and set up for making dinner. Why is this so hard???


2 responses to “Still Struggling Tonight

  1. I’m sending lot’s of hugs your way. We’ve never met, but Dawn Leger is a friend and mentioned your blog to me and I’ve been following it for a while. I have anxiety disorder and the words you write about suffering from anxiety definitley resonate with me. I went through a really bad period last winter where I suffered from near constant panic attacks that lasted several months and reading your blog helped me remember I wasn’t alone.
    Please know that I’m keeping you my prayers. There is light at the end of the tunnel, even when it doesn’t feel like it.

    • Good to meet you Cordelia! It’s so helpful to know we’re not alone. It seems these illnesses are bent on making us feel alone, right when we’re in the midst of a flare-up it seems.
      I hope we get to talk more!

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