In Transition

My mom is leaving on Saturday. After a two months stay with us, including several weeks while I was in the hospital. Which means I’m doing well enough to handle life on my own, and my mom can go back to her life. But I’m sad because I will miss her, and her company, and her help. She helped me with daily chores but also with discerning what actions I could take and what decisions I was capable of making. So I’m a little worried that I won’t do as well without this daily help to make decisions about the best ways to spend my time, which actions will be most healthy.

Who do I bounce those decisions off of now? My Interwebs family on Twitter and Facebook and here are great some of the time, but people aren’t always logged on or paying attention to my saga. Contrary to my bipolar brain’s belief, I am not the center of the universe…

This week the house has been in transition too. Fall/winter wardrobe switched to spring/summer (ew!!! do I have to wear all those bright colors? Where are my blues and greens?). Old t-shirts, including those from mission trips over the last 10 years, have been donated. The kitchen table full of Spouse’s Piles O Crap is now organized and a system in place to prevent take-over of the kitchen table. The basement is still in huge transition, waiting for 10 boxes  of books to be picked up next month. And still need to get rest of room in some order and a bunch of stuff filed or tossed. That project will take a few weeks though, and spouse’s help.

I’m switching up my water aerobics to some morning classes so I don’t have to save up energy all day to make sure I can get a workout in. That’s a HUGE shift for me – to get out of the house before 9 and for my joints to function that early too. I’m also beginning to look at choosing a fun project, not just the grief ones of cleaning up the house and getting rid of clutter and crap. So, maybe I’ll learn diabetic cooking or Mexican cooking, or learn a new instrument, or learn a new language. Something. That will be interesting, I hope.

Lots of things shifting this week. Here’s hoping I weather this ok since transition is stressful for everyone, and especially for someone still recovering from an illness crash I had this winter. Glad my meds seem to helping create some stability. Maybe they will help me weather these next few weeks of Lent with so many changes going on.

6 responses to “In Transition

  1. Prayers upon prayers for you.

  2. You are so fortunate to have “family help”…I think that was a big influence for my son and us…in helping him with this dreaded illness…You sound good…Oh, how I wish there was a magic cure!…~mkg

  3. I’d be honored to be the person off of whom you bounce decisions.
    You have all my numbers.

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