Making Healthy Choices

I’ve been doing pretty well the last few days. Thank goodness! I chalk that up to a few things:

  • I’m sleeping a bit better with some Lunesta for a few days to help fall asleep, and clonopin morning and night to help slow down/quiet down racing thoughts so I can wake up in the morning without wanting to give up before I’ve started.
  • I’m making healthy choices for myself, even when I don’t want to, whether going to water aerobics or doing extra grooming, or doing the horrid grocery shopping even though my back hurts so badly through all of these activities.

So, once again, it’s a combination of drugs and lifestyle that is helping me recover. That’s what the professionals all have said, and that’s what those on the front lines of living with mental illness say too. I’ve been finding a lot of support at these sites:   and

I’ve also appreciated ABC’s show “Private Practice” for a sensitive portrayal of what it’s like to be in a crisis with bipolar. I sooo resonate with the character Corinne. When I’ve been in the depths, her words are my words.

While I’m on the right path, I know I’m still convalescing from a long hospitalization. There is still a long road ahead of me, and I’m on the lookout for relapse. I try to note a little progress each day. I’m so grateful my mom has been with me, and that I still have another week with her too. It’s helped my recovery to have someone with me at all times and to have someone to bounce recovery options with – whether to do this activity, or whether I need to wait or balance kinds of activities. I’ll need that when my mom leaves.

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