Week One: Hope

Happy New Year!

Advent Week One: Hope

Today is the beginning of the Church’s New Year when the liturgical (worship) year starts over. The year begins with the beginning of the life of Christ, the season of Christmas when Jesus is born; but FIRST we must prepare for this great event with the four Sundays of the season of Advent (Latin for “Coming”).

The first week of Advent focuses on Hope and Waiting. And this morning’s service at the church I’ve been attending didn’t disappoint. One of the lines from the sermon included waiting without fear, waiting with hope. I don’t remember the context – wish I did! – but it was the sense of actively waiting, with action that showed hope.

I immediately thought of my past year of struggling to find some stability and health. Perhaps the whole last year was my Advent One, when I had to actively wait, without fear, with hope. Looking back, I was working hard on my health, following all the rules, fighting the thoughts and plans of suicide, reaching out for help. I waited, sometimes without fear, sometimes with hope.  I hope that I can move past Advent waiting into a sense of healing and wholeness, with feelings and thoughts finally restored.

One response to “Week One: Hope

  1. What a cool thought about the last year being an advent 1. I join you in hoping for wholeness as you look ahead. You rock.

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