Feeling a Bit Better – Thank Goodness

It’s Friday and my anxiety is back to a manageable level. Not gone, as noted by concentration still being difficult. And activities still throwing me off. But I am doing better. I have a physical today, which is causing some anxiety that I won’t be able to remember what I need to share. And, no, I can’t keep them in my head long enough to get it on paper or in my phone. 😦

One of the things I talked with my therapist about is that Everyone feels anxious about financial insecurity. And I was reminded today by a friend that most people feel anxious about physicals. The challenge for me is managing the anxiety in healthy ways. And…as my therapist pointed out…I Did handle the anxiety well this week with problem solving, reaching out for help to handle the feelings, using DBT skills, taking prescribed meds. Give.Myself.Credit!

So even though it’s been a tough week (understatement) I have survived. Thank Goodness!

And not a PS, but the rent situation has been solved through very generous gifts from friends, church, and presbytery. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

One response to “Feeling a Bit Better – Thank Goodness

  1. You did handle it all very well! You made good choices, you surrounded yourself with caring people, you stayed safe, you reached out for help and allowed help. You COPED. My goodness, the list goes on and on! May gentleness surround you in the days to come.

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