It’s getting old. Each night I have a dream about one of the two congregations I served as pastor. I’m usually doing something at my computer but worried about a review coming up, or struggling with a Head of Staff or Clerk of Session, or can’t get a bulletin finished, or have a sermon that is due in less than 4 hours.

All are anxiety dreams, I realize. But really, subconscious?? Do you have to reach back into painful memories and bring them into my consciousness every night??

During waking hours, the memories are getting less painful a little bit at a time. I’m getting better at pushing the memories out of my mind too. But when I get painful reminders Every Night, that come into my consciousness, It’s.Not.Helping!

A ny suggestions?

3 responses to “Haunted

  1. Deb – You can’t control your subconscious. It will bring up what it will. To this day, I still have dreams about buildings or people or situations I’ve worked in and with — in the past. And those dreams are the hardest to shake off — they almost seem real.

    I don’t have any answers except to say that maybe your subconscious is working through things for you — even though it leaves a shadow on your day.

    Does it help to keep a dream journal? Write them down and let them go? Lucid dreaming?

    I pray for comfort to come from the purr of a cat or the voice of a friend. God is practical — she can’t not be.

    • Thanks, Barb! Most of my dreams are very vivid, and I remember most in the morning with a lot of detail. Sometimes the dreams are lucid, which is harder.

      I tried to keep a dream journal, but it would take an hour every morning to get all that detail! So I stopped.

      It is really hard with the shadow on the day. Those feelings don’t go away. Grrr!

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