Another Rough Day

Having a rough day again – just can’t seem to shake these painful feelings. I’m contemplating the hospital again since I’m still wanting to be unconscious so I don’t feel and don’t live like this.

But there’s a price to going to the hospital – a financial one that we can’t really afford. There’s the price of the shame of going back to the hospital every few months this year, as though I can’t cope. I know the hospital is there for when I and others need it, and that this might be a time when I do need something to stabilize me and send me on my way.

I’m getting advice from friends to keep working my coping skills – get out of the house, do something fun (like go to a movie), get together with someone. I’ll be trying these today.

4 responses to “Another Rough Day

  1. I echo the thought of staying busy…Definitely read a good book, use any art talent you might have…you’ll be so surprised…Don’t always dwell on yourself…look outward toward others…THEY might need YOUR help…best to you! Maybe even read my blog…it’s quite entertaining!…about kids I worked with for 30 years with special needs…

  2. Since you’re trying to go outside yourself – think of this as a cost/benefits analysis. Do you NEED the hospital because the thoughts are too painful too bear? If so, do not hesitate. Or do you WANT to go to the hospital but you think you might be able to handle the feelings without it? If so, take this one hour at a time, and continue to re-evaluate as necessary. And if you’re looking for a distraction, I watched “Easy A” this morning – hilarious movie!!!

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