A Bible Study!

This evening I attended a Bible Study with other Presbyterian Women in Second Life. Our avatars sat on cushions in a circle while our chat about Jesus’ new commandment scrolled nearby.

It felt odd to be in a Bible study, not because it was in Second Life, which has a steep learning curve to learn how to move and interact with objects. But because it was a Bible study! To find that I could talk about the Bible even though I felt distant from the topic and the Godhead. And my questions and ideas felt stilted and simple. But I participated!           **A limitation I noted to Second Life is that I started to tear up as we chatted and no one would have been able to notice, since there didn’t seem to be a gesture for “in distress.” 🙂

I noted, too, that I feel more like one who is barely surviving and has so little spiritual energy that I am waiting for others to help me along rather than be the one who is nudging others along and into action, or the one loving others myself. As a friend visualized – I’m sitting by the side of the road waiting for someone to help. “Help!” I’m crying. Won’t someone help me in this spiritual wilderness? How long, O Lord, will I feel surreal, dead, depleted, alone?

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