How I’m Celebrating Pentecost

Symbols I'm Pondering: Celebrating a Community Holy Day Without the Community

I’m practicing Feng Shui in order to celebrate the coming of the Spirit. Tomorrow is Pentecost, the 50th day (“Pente”) after Easter when the Church celebrates the coming of the Holy Spirit as wind and fire to the believers who knew Jesus. We also celebrate how the Spirit blows freely in our lives today, nudging us toward wholeness and shalom as individuals and as communities.

The Spirit is blowing in my life to clear out the old (such as contacts from my previous church) and to organize papers, such as finally going through the oddly stacked papers from the last two hospitalizations – full of journaling, art and resources – and find some homes for it all. It feels good and light to do all of this, and as though I’m moving toward wholeness and shalom by doing so. And therefore celebrating Pentecost.

But I won’t be going to church to celebrate Pentecost, in keeping with my decision not to attend church in order to avoid the trigger of not being a leader in worship and remembering old churches. I will miss celebrating Pentecost with the church, but trust that the Spirit understands. I’ll miss getting a red ribbon or a pin wheel as a symbol of wind or flame though.

3 responses to “How I’m Celebrating Pentecost

  1. Remembering several wonderful Pentecost services with you! Understanding your need to remain apart from a formal worshipping community but will visualize you tomorrow a.m. as part of our community when we gather and will include you in our prayers. Hoping your openness to Spirit brings you unity in community, spiritually and beyond…In process, Craig

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