I’ve felt like crap for 3 days now – heavy fatigue, restless sleep, irritability, tongue pushing against teeth. I tried to call the doctor over the weekend to see about going off the nighttime medication AND get some relief of all these symptoms – never heard back. When I saw her today, she finally changed the nighttime med, but her response to all these symptoms making me miserable was to use coping skills to live with depression and stress.


I’ve been Miserable, and that’s the best advice?

Symbols I'm Pondering: Who Decides Health?

Adding insult to injury… I find out that my insurance dropped me down to 3 days a week in the outpatient program, beginning today, and discharging me from the program on Thursday. I’m barely making progress, though I am moving forward. But Insurance is the one that gets to decide that? Seriously?

So, my bad mood from feeling crappy has gone from miserable to aggravated. Grrr! I tried numerous times and ways to explain to the doctor what I’m going through. It’s not as though I was leaving it to the doctor alone to make decisions about my health. It’s not as though I’m ignoring coping skills and not working the program – I am. I truly believe deep in my gut that I’m dealing with something biochemical, a depression very deep that needs medical intervention as well as strong skills to live with it. It doesn’t need a doctor encouraging shame for drug seeking.

And don’t get me started about insurance getting to decide that it’s time for discharge.

4 responses to “Discharged?

  1. Yeah insurance booted me from PHP too. It’s like, really? You’re the one who decides when I’m ready to leave?

  2. chrissy tobias

    can’t the doctor write an appeal to the insurance company and “prove” you need all 5 days of outpatient? like, write a letter and tell them why it’s against medical advice to do 3? I know dr’s have done that before…. there is a way!!!…. I’m sorry this is all going on…. there is hope! Keep pushing on…. you can do this!!

  3. Uggg…can we start mailing rotten tomatoes to your insurance company?

  4. Oh, no. Not what you needed.

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