More on Origins

I am still just beginning to learn about my bipolar disorder (type 2) and anxiety disorder. I’m finding the posts at alternately helpful and eye-opening OR alarming and over my head. But I appreciate them a lot! In a recent post David talked about a traumatic birth experience as the root of his affectic disorder.
Now I had huge trauma at age 13 (back reconstruction) and had first hypomanic & depressive episodes at 17. So, was that the trauma that might have caused the disorder, or would it be something earlier? It’s making a lot of sense that trauma stimulated issues with those 9 Affective states (Startle, Distress, Fear, Anger, Shame, Interest, Joy, Disgust and Dismell) that are the basis of emotion. AND that I learned to bury the problems with my Affect with rational thought, shame, optimism, study.
I hope by figuring this out that I learn about my affective disorders and how to treat them.

4 responses to “More on Origins

  1. You are to be commended for your openness to learning…and sharing.

  2. PS: Look how big the words recovery is in your tag cloud!

  3. Keep on truckin’! I’m proud of you. I need to look into the material in your post closer. I had thought Bipolar was primarily organic and genetic in nature. Thank you for stimulating my learning about what’s going on.

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