Wednesday – Must be ECT Day

So, for a while, Wednesdays will be marked by getting up freakin early for a 6 am ECT appointment. ECT, for those of you who don’t know, is electroconvulsive therapy, and is NOT.At.All like you’ve seen in the movies. I’m given a short-lasting anesthetic, and am out of it for only 5 minutes. During that time a seizure is induced, lasting usually 45 seconds. Then I am woken up, allowed to recover for 30 minutes or so, then go home, eat breakfast, and wash the goo out of my new ‘do.

It’s thought that ECT helps the brain reset itself with its own neurochemicals that are stimulated during the seizure. Medications might also be assimilated easier as the brain rewires itself.

Prayers coveted as I go through this procedure again! Getting the IV started is the worst part for me with my rolling veins. They look all awesome, plump and easy. As soon as there’s a prick, they shrivel up and hide. Whatever!

4 responses to “Wednesday – Must be ECT Day

  1. It won’t be easy, because nothing ever is. Hold on to those of us who love you, no matter how many twists and turns this new road takes.

  2. I will be praying for you tomorrow. I’m glad you’ve found your voice on this subject and are willing to share your story. I suspect it will helps lots of people–and those of us who love you, to understand a small bit of what you are going through.

    Big Squeeze from me. xoxo Wen

    (Ps, my veins do that too. I had a really great phlebotomist suggest drinking a swimming pool of water the night before I go in for blood-work, and more the same morning. I’m not sure that would help in your situation, since they put you under?? But I thought I’d share. It’s really helped me. Although, I’m probably doing bladder damage. )

  3. My daily (often more) prayers continue.

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